Be still. . . . . .

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This week has been really stressful. I just returned from a round trip local training course. Well, although i LOVE to travel . . . (to think that i once envied air hostesses 😛 ), being on 5 travel routes in 5 days was a little tiring, i guess i was burnt out, coupled with the coursework and to cap it all up, i had a bit of food poisoning at one of my locations (but i’m ok now. . . thanks for caring 😀 ). Well, some good things also happened during the week, Continue reading



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Finally Z, the last letter of the English alphabets. pronounced zee or zed. It usually connotes the end, the finish line.So i ask myself, what have i learnt during this 26-Alphabets article writing? a lot, i must say…. but I’ll just state a few:
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Y is for Yesterday

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Yesterday was a very good day for me.

It was the end of a week long training which was organized by my office. It was all about team building, understanding oneself and others. It was also about seeing the cup both half-full and half-empty at the same time and making effective decisions. Although it was a little stressful cos of the time we closed on some of the days, everyone had fun. What made the whole package fun was that everyone put his/her heart into it. The facilitators (White-British) who came in from the UK were open and honest and the participants (about 26 of us) were actively involved. Continue reading

X is for X-factor

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Hmm!..The X factor…

As i began to type my post on X, i thought to myself…”What do i write on?“….X-treme, X-files, X-men..(lol)…and then i thought deeper…and POW! ..the X-factor was born…:P

Over the years, the letter “X” has been used to connote a mysterious character or item. even in mathematics, way back in primary school…most of the time, it was (2 + x= 7, find x).

What really is the X-factor? Continue reading

W is for Wednesday, 04/06/08

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Wednesday ! I know i keep apologizing for not posting regularly, but today has actually been my major reason for not posting.

I had been trying to arrange a demonstration day for all my farmers, which took place today. I had to visit about 30 communities to visit farmers, their farms, ask questions and select my demonstration farmers….. I lost a few pounds, but i ain’t complaining..cos my waist line was becoming intimidating…lol..:P Continue reading

V is for Value

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What value do i place on myself? How do i measure myself? Is it by my words? thoughts? acceptance from others? What? How? Do i measure my value by the number of people that like me? or those that hate me? 😀 …..Value? Is it a function of the amount of money that i have? or the material possessions that i control? Continue reading

U is for Underestimation

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One thing i do from time to time, is to proactively seek feedback on my strengths and weaknesses from people that i respect. I was with a mentor a while back and i asked for his opinion. His response to me was shocking and yet very thought-provoking. He looked me, straight in the eye, and said, ” One major weakness i think you should work on is this Continue reading